Task Paralysis

Many parents have seen this look over the past 3 months. Head in hands staring at a blank page, stuck and unable to move forward. Where does the paralysis come from that stops kids from taking risks when they don't know what to do? Is it the task, the distance learning setting, the assessment procedures, … Continue reading Task Paralysis

Influence in Networked Learning

From the classroom to the boardroom, there is a lack of knowledge and appreciation of the power of influence on learning. System and school leaders undervalue the power of formal and informal influencers in their districts or schools and students and educators don’t realize the impact they can have on the networks and systems in … Continue reading Influence in Networked Learning

Undersight: Same Goal. Different View.

Oversight and Undersight For as long as there have been people working, there have been other people watching them work. Oversight has long been the default method of holding people accountable and ensuring results. The use of positional power to watch over the work being done and make sure it is being done properly is … Continue reading Undersight: Same Goal. Different View.

Permission is not a royal decree …

... and why you need something more powerful anyway. One word I have been struggling with lately (although I have used it often) is permission. I do believe we need to let people know that it is OK to take risks and try new things, but "permission" just has an air of power and authority … Continue reading Permission is not a royal decree …

The Black Mirror Effect – Human problems not technology problems

If it isn't already, the Black Mirror Effect will come to be known as the phenomenon of people taking an amazing technology and screwing it up. If you haven't seen Black Mirror yet, check it out (just don't start with season 1 episode 1 The National Anthem - try Nosedive, San Junipero, Whitebear or White Christmas, … Continue reading The Black Mirror Effect – Human problems not technology problems

Permeate and Transcend

Often, when we are deep in the thinking and doing of making change, we focus on embedding the change in a defined area or process, or with a specific group. Usually, the hope* is that it will then percolate into other areas and processes over time. Sometimes though, we aim higher - to have the … Continue reading Permeate and Transcend

The Nebulous Nature of Influence

Measuring influence is tricky business. Influence differs from impact in that impact usually comes with a set of predetermined and measurable criteria. Influence is more nebulous as it is often about changing behaviours and mindsets over time. The prevailing preference for those looking to show stakeholders how well a group, initiative or strategy is working … Continue reading The Nebulous Nature of Influence

Learning Momentum

I was speaking to a group of teacher candidates recently, and asked them to finish the sentence, "I want the students in my class to be...". I captured their responses in this word cloud. No surprise that engaged was by far the most popular answer (as well as one person who just wanted them to … Continue reading Learning Momentum

Promoting Collisions

A recent post by Max Drummy on the NPDL Connects blog made me think about how well our schools and classrooms are set up for (and foster) diversity of thinking. In the post, there is a video (Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson) that talks about how the coffee houses and salons of the past … Continue reading Promoting Collisions