Permission is not a royal decree …

... and why you need something more powerful anyway. One word I have been struggling with lately (although I have used it often) is permission. I do believe we need to let people know that it is OK to take risks and try new things, but "permission" just has an air of power and authority … Continue reading Permission is not a royal decree …


Disruption and Immunity

"If you attempt disruptive innovation in any large organization, it's immune system will come and attack you."

Perception Problems

Blog Hop 3 in the Innovator's Mindset series begins with some questions. Not just any questions. "What if..." questions. They are tricky. On the one hand, they allow us to suspend our current context and dream of what could be. On the other, they are┬ásometimes followed with statements that perpetuate the barriers (real and perceived) … Continue reading Perception Problems