Disruption and Immunity

"If you attempt disruptive innovation in any large organization, it's immune system will come and attack you."


Permeate and Transcend

Often, when we are deep in the thinking and doing of making change, we focus on embedding the change in a defined area or process, or with a specific group. Usually, the hope* is that it will then percolate into other areas and processes over time. Sometimes though, we aim higher - to have the … Continue reading Permeate and Transcend

Learning Momentum

I was speaking to a group of teacher candidates recently, and asked them to finish the sentence, "I want the students in my class to be...". I captured their responses in this word cloud. No surprise that engaged was by far the most popular answer (as well as one person who just wanted them to … Continue reading Learning Momentum

Perception Problems

Blog Hop 3 in the Innovator's Mindset series begins with some questions. Not just any questions. "What if..." questions. They are tricky. On the one hand, they allow us to suspend our current context and dream of what could be. On the other, they are sometimes followed with statements that perpetuate the barriers (real and perceived) … Continue reading Perception Problems

Starting From Scratch

The second Blog Hop in the Innovator's Mindset series asks... If you were to start a school from scratch, what would it look like? I think if we could build a new school from scratch, with no constraints, no barriers, no no's, it would look very different from what we have now. It would also feel and … Continue reading Starting From Scratch

Innovator’s Mindset. It’s liberating!

The Innovator's Mindset is the catalyst for an interactive, collaborative and differentiated thinkfest. Through the power of OSSEMOOC, educators from all over the world are participating in a series of Google Hangouts as a springboard to a larger conversation about innovation. The first section deals with innovation in education: ‘What it is, what defines it, and what it … Continue reading Innovator’s Mindset. It’s liberating!

Distance measured in roles

I recently heard (both first and second hand) a couple comments which made me think about a post I wrote earlier this year called Learning or Achievement. It was originally written as part of a #TTOG inquiry but the opening paragraph was more about the questions "What are we about?" and "Why are we here?". My … Continue reading Distance measured in roles

Staff Empowerment and other Superpowers

School leaders have superpowers. Not the old standards like invisibility, flight or x-ray vision, but something with more impact and longevity. Empowerment! And as Uncle Ben says, "With great empowerment comes great responsibility." Having a staff who are (and know they are) empowered to be creative, to innovate  and to have meaningful input into directing their professional … Continue reading Staff Empowerment and other Superpowers

Time is an illusion.

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." Douglas Adams There is no true multitasking. Your brain can really only do one thing deeply at a time. It's just that some brains are very good at switching back and forth between tasks so quickly that it looks like (and feels like) multitasking. Check out this brief … Continue reading Time is an illusion.

Credibility is in the eye of the beholder

Credibility, like so many other things, is in the eye of the beholder. Different stakeholders have different criteria for what makes an administrator credible. Rightly so. After all, stakeholders are people too. I did some polling (My methodology would make our Research Department cringe. Sorry Sandra.) and found some common themes. People value experience, pedagogical … Continue reading Credibility is in the eye of the beholder