Promoting Collisions

A recent post by Max Drummy on the NPDL Connects blog made me think about how well our schools and classrooms are set up for (and foster) diversity of thinking. In the post, there is a video (Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson) that talks about how the coffee houses and salons of the past … Continue reading Promoting Collisions


Staff Empowerment and other Superpowers

School leaders have superpowers. Not the old standards like invisibility, flight or x-ray vision, but something with more impact and longevity. Empowerment! And as Uncle Ben says, "With great empowerment comes great responsibility." Having a staff who are (and know they are) empowered to be creative, to innovate  and to have meaningful input into directing their professional … Continue reading Staff Empowerment and other Superpowers

Does your school community know?

We have heard many times that students don't care what you know until they know that you care. Like so many great ideas, strategies and tools from the classroom, we forget that they are just as valid for administrators, teachers, parents and whole communities as well. "Your school community won't care what you know until they … Continue reading Does your school community know?