Innovator’s Mindset. It’s liberating!

The Innovator’s Mindset is the catalyst for an interactive, collaborative and differentiated thinkfest. Through the power of OSSEMOOC, educators from all over the world are participating in a series of Google Hangouts as a springboard to a larger conversation about innovation.

The first section deals with innovation in education:
‘What it is, what defines it, and what it looks like in practice.’

People seem unwilling to think of themselves as innovative.
Creative? Sure. Imaginative? Yup. Out of the box? Maybe. But innovative?

I think if people spent some time thinking about what innovation means to them and what it looks like in education, they would be more likely to see themselves as innovative. Or at least they would see what is keeping them from being innovative.

I think innovation has three ingredients.

  • willingness to fail
  • appetite for feedback
  • disruption of the status-quo

For me, the single most liberating moment arrives when you come to grips with the fact that in sharing your idea with the world, it is going to be criticized, edited, altered, borrowed or ignored. Once you are OK with that, you are more open to trying new things, more open to receiving feedback, more open to continuous improvement and creating something truly innovative.

We (teachers, administrators, district leaders, policy makers) set the conditions for innovation in our schools.
We give the permission people (students, teachers, administrators) are looking for.
We give the feedback that pushes their thinking.
We support and encourage thinking differently.

Or, we don’t.


Have a look at how these Ontario educators see innovation.

Donna Fry
Stacey Wallwin
Jennifer Casa-Todd
Tina Zita
Paul McGuire
Mark Carbone


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