The Ed Delusion

We Have to Stop Pretending – My 5 ThingsLet's Pretend small

Thanks to @vptechnodork for calling me out on Twitter. As a general rule I don’t respond to chain letters, pyramid schemes, telemarketers or the guy who wants to look at my hot water heater, but Greg is none of those… that I know of. I also don’t like numbered things, Top 10 this, worst 8 that.Too many limitations. But, I am going to do this one. Mostly because I think there are many people out there who have five or more of these they’d like to get off their chest and partly because @vptechnodork is a good guy.

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending that…

  1. 21st century learning = technology.
  2. curriculum police exist.
  3. if we were starting from scratch now, we would build the same education system we have today. 
  4. student products are the best way to understand what a student is capable of doing/thinking.
  5. “I’m not a tech person.” is an acceptable excuse for not trying. 

What are yours?

When it comes to education, what are 5 things that we have to stop pretending?
Post on your blog, tag 5 others, and share using the #makeschooldifferent hashtag. If you don’t have a blog, tweet one out.

I tagged, @dmaltby, @asimpsonscdsb, @edlearner5, @leah_whit@lowenESST and @MrShawyer I know that is six but I refuse to be limited.

Visit Scott McLeod’s blog, to see his original post.

Remember to tag 5 others.

Or don’t. But at least think about it and discuss it with your PLN. Unless that is, your not a tech person…

Kurt Vonnegut quote about the dangers of pretending.
Kurt Vonnegut quote about the dangers of pretending.

4 thoughts on “The Ed Delusion

  1. What a great list!

    Stop pretending that it is okay to say “Oh, I don’t do tech” if you are an educator in 2015. That is one of my big ones as well. We have effectively made “I was never good at math” an unacceptable statement for educators to make in Ontario as we work to model the importance of a growth mindset. Now we need to work on the equivalent for technology. We exist in physical AND digital spaces. Not educating students in digital spaces is leaving them behind in this rapidly changing world.

    My “other five” are here:

    Be sure to share your blog here:

    See the cumulative lists here:

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